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The Virtual Conference

A quick review

Thank you for attending Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Virtual Conference 2021 - we hope you enjoyed the show! You can also watch recordings of each session again - or forward to colleagues who could not make it to the event - by visiting our Virtual Conference Review Site. We hope that you enjoyed our event - and hope to see you again at the next one!

The Future of Manufacturing

Advancing the 4th Industrial Revolution

Within Industry 4.0, technologies such as IoT, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), are reshaping the industrial environment and driving improvements in productivity as well as automation.

Up until now, the manufacturing process may be changing with the emergence of Industry 4.5, as priorities shift to sustainability, speed-to-market, and supply chain resilience.

Innovations, such as additive manufacturing (AM), have the potential to transform manufacturing as we know it, expanding design freedom, reducing time to market, bringing production closer to demand, and improving industrial sustainability.

The future will require the large-scale use of novel and sustainable technologies and materials, along with holistic changes to systems of production effecting everything from energy, material and human resources, to finance, IT, planning and control.

Throughout our Virtual Conference, we will present solutions and best practice examples, discussing how Trelleborg and other renowned industry and research leaders tackle current and future manufacturing challenges!

Virtual Conference 2021

Personalize your Event

Don’t miss this truly exceptional livestreaming event, combining keynote speakers, inspiring panel discussions and global virtual manufacturing and R&D tours at the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Virtual Conference 2021 - an interactive experience designed to make you feel as if you were there in person!

Alongside the “main stage” and panel discussions, you will have the opportunity to access parallel sessions offering manufacturing and R&D tours, industry expert talks and industry relevant presentations. Simply attend the sessions that match your individual interests!


Central European Time (CET) / China Standard Time (CST)
09:30 AM / 04:30 PM
Welcome & Introduction

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Management Team

09:45 AM / 04:45 PM
The Future of Manufacturing

Keynote & Panel Discussion with

Fredrik Östbye (Group Vice President, Head of FutureLab, Grundfos), Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauernhansl (Director Fraunhofer IPA), Malte Volkwein (Head of the Specialist Group "Organization and Process Innovation", Fraunhofer IPA), Prof. Dr. Konrad Saur (Vice President - Innovation & Technology, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions), Zhao-Toni Tong (Managing Director, Arburg China)

10:45 AM / 05:45 PM
Innovative Manufacturing and R&D Capabilities

Take a tour of one of our facilities (select the facility of your choice)

12:00 PM / 07:00 PM
Lunch Break / Dinner Concert

by Eddy Miller Group

12:45 PM / 07:45 PM
Latest Innovations & Case Studies

Presentations (running in parallel) by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions experts on Food & Beverage, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Fluid Power, Drives & Motion and Automotive, Trucks & Transportation

02:55 PM / 09:55 PM
Interactive “Break-Out” Sessions

Exploring application examples, digital engineering tools and services, innovative solutions and technologies in the area of manufacturing.

03:30 PM / 10:30 PM
Your Hosts

Sarah Yvonne Elsser &
Prof. Dr. Konrad Saur

Joining Prof. Dr. Konrad Saur, Vice President - Innovation & Technology at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, to host this year’s Virtual Conference, is Sarah Yvonne Elsser, acclaimed presenter and editor with a passion for technology. This team will guide you through the event and ensure you get the most from your attendance.

Focus Areas

The Virtual Conference 2021 will focus on general manufacturing and R&D capabilities and highlight innovations in the food & beverage, semiconductor manufacturing, fluid power, drives & motion, automotive, trucks & transportation industries.

Food & Beverage Processing

Optimizing production, enhancing efficiency, and meeting the highest quality and food safety requirements are critical. High-performance sealing materials keep even the most challenging applications running.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Rapidly evolving technology, promising huge growth, drives semiconductor manufacturers’ innovation. Specially engineered sealing materials help reduce total cost of ownership and accelerate time to market.

Fluid Power

At the forefront of sealing technology, innovations, such as Lubrication Management Technology, maximize the lifetime of hydraulic systems and of fluid power components, ensuring reliable, long-lasting operation.

Drives & Motion

Automation and sustainability are propelling innovation in drives and motion control technology. State-of-the-art sealing solutions are custom-designed to meet the requirements of cutting-edge applications.

Automotive, Trucks & Transportation

eMobility is the biggest revolution in the automotive industry in recent decades. OEMs and their component suppliers rely on innovative and robust sealing technology to meet their demanding high-volume requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions BU presidents for Europe and APAC, Jürgen Bosch and Oliver Chan are excited to welcome you to our Virtual Conference 2021.